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Robert ZarywaczRobert Zarywacz developed his corporate communications skills with leading international organisations, including British Airways and Baker & McKenzie, before establishing Zarywacz in 1994. Robert's experience at BA included pioneering work in electronic marketing to co-build a 7,000-page Prestel electronic brochure (effectively a web site in 1985) as well as preparing weekly management reports presented to the board of directors. His roles in large corporations and as a partner in his own business enables Robert to work effectively with corporate clients of all sizes.

With an ability to explain complex, technical topics in plain English, Robert is an accomplished copywriter and has written hundreds of news and feature articles on business and technology for The Business Magazine. Since 2009, Robert has written approximately one thousand articles as the business writer for the weekly North Devon Journal as well as a variety of material for clients in the industrial, technology, legal and other business sectors.


Campaigning through copywriting

In his work for the North Devon Journal, Robert has driven and supported a number of business campaigns including North Devon's 101 Apprentice campaigns (in 2011 and 2012). He has acted as a judge in the 2011 North Devon Journal Business Awards, the NDJ's 2012 Local Business Accelerator Awards, the Leader4 2012 Green Exemplar Awards and the North Devon Manufacturers Association 2012 Awards.


Campaigning for courtesy

As one of the founders of, Robert has become the courtesy consultant for the National Campaign for Courtesy.


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Robert networks widely online and is pleased to connect with business associates and clients at:

@robertz @ twitter | robertz @ ecademy | robertz @ facebook | robz2z @ LinkedIn | rob-z2z @ Skype


Interests and leisure

As well as writing for business, Robert relaxes through creative writing and has written networknotwork, a full-length comedy play perform.

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