Public relations

What can public relations achieve for your business?

Every time you present any aspect of your business publicly, you are using public relations. From meeting customers to presenting at events or submitting articles to the media, the aim of public relations is to present your business positively.

Zarywacz specialises in writing both for clients and for publications, so we understand how PR works as well as the needs of clients, journalists and editors.

We are pleased to develop full public relations programmes for committed clients – PR is not a one-off activity and it can take time and persistence to achieve the required results.

We have also launched a fixed-price PR service for small businesses at

How do we create and manage PR programmes?

First, we look at what you want to achieve, then develop a programme to help you achieve this. This could involve writing a series of press releases aimed at targeted journalists and media, researching case studies and articles for trade journals, producing magazines and newsletters for your clients, and running web site campaigns.

More information

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