Proofreading for business

What value is proofreading to your business?

You can always rely on any error or mistake in your printed or online material to be the first thing a reader sees. Very often it will deflect them from the important message you want to convey to them.

That's why, after putting so much effort and resource into producing high quality publications or web sites, it makes sense to have them proofread. It will add only a small percentage to the total production cost and could save you from wasting money on brochures or magazines with errors, which have to be reprinted.

Zarywacz provides experienced proofreaders, both for one-off projects and for regular assignments. We can proofread most material remotely from emailed computer files, enabling us to turn round projects fast and efficiently.

As well as correcting errors before production, proofreading can ensure that readers understand your message. What use is any material if your audience cannot understand what you want to say? Proofreading can also ensure consistency in the use of both language and design elements.

Who do we proofread for?

We provide proofreading services for businesses and organisations of all sizes, as well as for marketing agencies needing outsourced proofreading. We specialise in proofreading business documents and magazines, and generally do not proofread academic texts.

From our offices in Berkshire and Devon we proofread for clients in the South East (including London and the Thames Valley), the South West (including Bath, Bristol and Exeter) and throughout the UK. We can also provide proofreading on client premises by arrangement.

We offer proofreading as an individual service or as one element of a broader corporate communications programme. If you need a freelance proofreader as part of your team on an occasional or contract basis, we will be pleased to fit in with your requirements.

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