Press releases for print & online

Tell the world about your business success in a press release

A press release provides the ideal vehicle for making announcements to the media and the business world.

An effective press release is short and to the point with a catchy headline and self-explanatory first paragraph. It should interest journalists and editors in your news and help to secure publication or further media contact.

Zarywacz has considerable experience of writing press releases for clients and editing magazines, so we understand the entire public relations process from every perspective: client, PR consultant, copywriter, journalist and press editor.

How do we write press releases?

When you commission us to write a press releases, we convey your business message in a concise, well-written story that highlights key points and grabs readers' attention. We can undertake original research, conduct interviews and obtain approvals from all participants.

As well as writing your press release, we can also distribute it to a pre-agreed list of target journalists and liaise with the media.

We write press releases for direct clients as well as for marketing and PR agencies who require outsourced copywriting, especially for IT, computing, technical and engineering topics. We also write general business-to-business, professional, transport, arts and entertainment press releases.

Whether you require a one-off press release or a co-ordinated public relations programme, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

How much will a press release cost?

Sample price range

  • 500-word press release £125 – £200 & VAT

More information

  • Please call 0333 0444 354 or email for a precise quotation for the press release you require.