What do you need? Our A-Z of services

Writing and editing

Choose the service that will achieve your objective. We've listed our main services but if you can't see what you need, please ask us. We're happy to discuss your precise requirements and advise on the most appropriate action.

Writing and editing

When you need professional copy to get your message across to customers, employees, industry colleagues, the media and other target audiences:

  • copywriting - writing new copy from scratch
  • editing - polishing your existing text or managing production of documents and publications
  • proofreading - checking communications to prevent errors, ensure sense and maintain consistency

Internet and web

Web sitesUse the power of the internet to reach and interact with wider audiences online:

  • blogs - a chattier, more informal way to discuss news and issues
  • social media - build relationships and promote yourself through online networking
  • web sites - provide information on your company or sell your products and services
  • web content - regular updates attract more visitors to your web sites

Printed publications

Create a lasting impression through printed documents:

  • brochures - inform customers with detailed guides to your products and services
  • newsletters - publish news and details of specific topics for your readers



Raise awareness of your organisation, showcase your expertise or promote products, services and events through:

  • articles - discuss news, features or issues in newspapers, magazines and online
  • case studies - relate the success of your products and services through real customer stories
  • journalism - generate news for articles in your own publications
  • public relations - planned programmes to achieve publicity through relationships with the media
  • press releases - announce news of products and services, promotions, events and achievements

Managed communications programmes

Planning an integrated communication programme can increase success when you need to motivate employees, manage internal change, promote your products and services or build reputation . . . see how we can manage all your communications for you.