Business & IT Glossary - I

Icon A picture or symbol used to represent a data file, software application or function. Often selecting and clicking on an icon using a mouse opens or activates the file.
IM Instant Messaging is a facility to send and receive instantaneous messages over the internet, similar to a telephone conversation, but using text instead of speech.
Indemnity Security - often in the form of an insurance policy - against damage or loss.
Information Commissioner The Information Commissioner enforces and oversees the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Visit the Information Commissioner's web site at for further details.
Inland Revenue The Inland Revenue is responsible for the administration in the UK of direct taxes plus tax credits, national insurance contributies and stamp duties plus the collection of student loans and National Minimum Wage enforcement. Visit the Inland Revenue web site at for further details.
Insurance A policy taken out with an insurer to protect or compensate a business against a specified risk.
Internal communications Communications inside a company, usually between departments or between the company and employees. Newsletters, intranets and other media can be used to ensure that staff are fully informed about issues relating to their work and as a means of motivating employees.
Internet The worldwide network of computers that interconnects via telephones and other technology to provide such facilities as the World Wide web and email. internet is a contracted form of the term interconnected networks.
Intranet An internal web site or information system using internet protocols, often used by businesses or organisations to manage and publish internal information.
Investor relations Where a company consciously builds relationships with current and potential investors, financial analysts and City journalists to ensure it has not only their confidence, but access to all the funds it requires.
Invoice An account of goods or service provided with details of payment due.
IP Internet Protocol is part of the set of protocols used to communicate on the internet by defining how packets of data are transmitted.
IPO An Initial Public Offering is a company's first sale of its own shares to the public when it lists on the stock exchange at its flotation.
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network is a digital telecommunications standard combining circuit and packet switching for voice and data communications - often used by businesses requiring high speed transfer of large data files.
ISP An Internet Service Provider provides users with access to the internet and email services. Most ISPs charge for services, although a price war is developing and some ISPs offer free access.
IT Information technology is the general term used to describe general computing.